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Charlotte & Lillian

Written By Kat Somers and Holly Walsh

Miriam Margoyles and Helen Monks - on location for the recording



Charlotte (Helen Monks) and Lilian (Miriam Margolyes) are an unlikely pair. Charlotte, a self-involved twenty-something and Miriam, a housebound pensioner in her eighties, are matched by a local charity and spend an hour every week together, navigating gnarly modern issues such as iPads, gay marriage and Kanye West.


THE WRITERS: Holly Walsh is a Fosters Comedy Award-nominated comedian and the co-creator and writer of BBC Three's Dead Boss. She's appeared on Mock the Week, The Matt Lucas Awards, Just A Minute, Best Behaviour, The Now Show and The News Quiz.

Kat Sommers has written sketches for Radio 4’s Newsjack and journalism for the BBC, Sky & the National Theatre.

Producer: Lucy Armitage

Exec Producer: Colin Anderson

A Giddy Goat Production for BBC Radio 4